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Monday, June 4th 2007

10:10 AM

Awesome weekend(s)

It’s been a truly awesome weekend!


 We had a great show at Bethcar Baptist Church on Friday night. We debuted an original written by Nan called “More”. It is a GREAT song!  It was a send off party for the youth. They left on Saturday for a mission trip to the Charleston area to minister in a migrant camp. They do this every year. Nan went on the mission trip too.


Then on Sunday morning we played at Shaw’s Fork Baptist Church. We had a great time there as well. (missed Nan though)


Everything just seems so clear…..and our efforts so blessed….since we went on our band mountain retreat. All the band members and our families rented a big ole cabin in the mountains for Labor Day weekend and spent the whole time in Bilbe study, fellowship, playing music and EATING!


Don’t forget we will be at West Creek Baptist Church next Saturday. Ya’ll come.


The Lord is just so good ya’ll. Let’s praise Him everyday and pray that we are where He would have us to be.

Peace & Love,


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Thursday, January 18th 2007

1:55 PM

Sorry that I have been away!

Hey Folks,

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my websites, but I have had a lot going on the last couple of months.

My father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer right after Thanksgiving. I stayed with him in the hospital for several weeks, then at his home after he was released. I stayed with him and took care of him with the help of my wife, sisters, and bros in law. I would not trade one minute of it. I had some wonderful times with my Pop, along with some terrible moments. Thankfully, the Lord took him home relatively quickly.

Alfred L Seay passed away on January 13th and was laid to rest in the cemetery at Bethcar Baptist Church. My family and I are so grateful for all of the kindness shown to us by our friends and neighbors.

As for the some of the performances and events that I haven’t reported on:

The Chitlin Strut show was pretty cool in spite of major equipment problems. It’s always fun to play outdoors in a town festival type atmosphere. It is also a tremendous outreach opportunity.

The New Year show at Berlin was cool too. Again we had some equipment glitches but we are working on those. It was a great night with great music, great witness, great food, and great fireworks! We had a good crowd too.

I’m sure I will be able to update the sites more now. We currently don’t have any shows booked, so call us if you need us. We will be spending this off time working on original material. We have some really cool new songs that we’ve written that we are getting ready for you folks.

God Bless all of you and keep in touch.

Peace & Love,


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Monday, November 20th 2006

3:22 PM

Cool Concerts

Wow! It’s been another busy week. Let’s see…….


On Sunday the 12th we (my family and I) went to see Audio Adrenaline and Mercy Me in concert in Augusta. We had a great time. The show was amazing. Audio Adrenaline puts on a really rocking show. It was so cool to see how they worked the kids in the audience. I can tell that the Lord is doing amazing things with them. Mercy Me was fantastic too. They put on a rocking show….with more vocals. Lots of  background vocals. I will probably see them again when they come back.


On Friday the 17th I took the wife and kids to see Third Day in concert at the Township in Columbia. We took Brian and Laura for Pastor Appreciation. The rest of the band and their families came as well. It was awesome! That was truly one of the best shows that I have ever seen. I will definitely see them again.  


I took some cans of food and donated them to the Food Bank at the Third Day show. They gave me a copy of Third Day’s new Christmas album “Christmas Offerings”. It is a GREAT album! I love their arrangements of the classical Christmas Hymns. See how God can work? I just grabbed a few cans of veggies and soup out of the cabinet and gave them as an offering. He then blessed me by letting me know that I had done something that pleased Him. Don’t get me wrong, I did not give the food in order to receive any gift, He just works that way sometimes. I love MY Lord.


Seeing these shows were a real blessing to me. I am so encouraged to see what I believe is a real youth revival going on. Praise God!

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Saturday, November 4th 2006

10:47 AM

Halloween week has been great!

Hey Folks,


Man, I have had the best week! The Lord has truly blessed me (us) this week.


Last Saturday, the band traveled to Manning, SC to play at the Laurence Manning Academy “Cat Day”. It was truly a great event. From what I understand, they raised a lot of money for the school. I’m so glad we had a chance to be a part of that. I only wish I could have stayed long enough to hear “Saving Pluto”. They are a band made up of students from that school. I heard that they were good.


We had to quit playing that night around 8pm or so, so that we could drive back to Pelion to set up the sound gear at King Grove Baptist Church. We played there on Sunday morning for their 5th Sunday Singing. We really had a ball there. I think everyone really enjoyed the music, and we all enjoyed the Lord. Then we all ate way too much! Can’t wait to go back!


Then on Tuesday night (Halloween), we played uptown in Wagener at the “Light the Night” festival. Wow! It was a great crowd. Churches Together for Kids put this thing on. They had games, inflatable slides, candy and everyone got fed. Everything was free. We truly had a blast! I thank Cindy and Wilson for inviting us to be a part of it. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again next year.


Then on Thursday night, The Mark Trammell Trio performed at Berlin Baptist Church. If you ever get the chance to see them……GO! They were fantastic! The High Cotton Singers opened up for them and played very well also. Just been a lot of music and worship this week. I sure have enjoyed it.

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Sunday, October 29th 2006

10:50 PM

Busy Weekend

Whew! It’s been a busy weekend. Saturday we went to Manning and played at Laurence Manning Academy “Cat Day”. It was pretty cool. They seem to have a nice school there. They certainly had gone all out for this fund raiser. They had lots of cool stuff. It was the first time that we have played outdoors. We really enjoyed it.


Sunday morning we played at King Grove Baptist Church near Pelion. We had a wonderful time. It was a great service. Then they fed us. That is always cool.


We will be playing Tuesday (Halloween) night at the Churches Together For Kids “Light the Night” party. It will be held on the large vacant lot next to the Post Office in Wagener. It should be really cool. I’m looking forward to it. It is supposed to run from 6-8:30 pm. We will probably start playing at about 7pm. That is the last show we have booked until November 19th.


November will be a great month. I am going to see Mercy Me on the 12th, Third Day on the 17th. We are playing on the 19th in Camden. Then we will be at the Chitlin Strut in Salley on the 24th. It’s gonna be fun.


Be Cool,


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Tuesday, October 24th 2006

9:32 PM

Bethcar Fall Festival was a BLAST!

Man I am really getting lazy about posting! I have to tell you folks what a great time we had playing at the Bethcar Fall Festival. It was Sunday, Oct.15th. There was a great crowd. The kids played games, trunk or treated, ate, and rocked and worshipped with All Will Be Won. It was truly a great night and a great blessing. It was the first time Nan sang with us since the birth of Trae. It was great to have her back. Troy and I had a good time judging the trunk decorations. We were accepting candy bribes…..love those Milk Duds!


Then on Sunday the 22nd, we played at Bethcar again, this time for the Edisto Baptist Association annual meeting. It was a blast playing. We played a new acoustic set that we have worked up. I call it the “Blue Hair Special”. It went really well. I learned a lot about what the association is doing and what it is all about. Good stuff.


We will be playing this Saturday, Oct.28th at Laurence Manning Academy for their annual fall fund raiser. It should be pretty cool. Then on Sunday, Oct.29th, we will be playing at King Grove Baptist Church for their morning service. It starts at 11:00am. I sure would love to see some of you guys there.


Peace & Love


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Saturday, September 30th 2006

10:54 PM

Two Special Birthdays

Hey Folks,


Great news! Nan (our chick singer) had a healthy baby boy Thursday the 28th (the day that Sandra guessed)! His name is Trey Ellis Ochletree. Now Nan can’t play that “I’m pregnant” thing. She can tote equipment just like the rest of us! Yea! Seriously, I praise God that all has gone well, and I wish them the best. I know that Nan and R.J. will make excellent parents. I of course, will do my part by purchasing really loud annoying toys for the boy as he grows.


We also celebrated a sixteenth birthday this weekend. We played at a party for Brittney Hutto’s birthday on Saturday night at Bethcar Baptist. As always, we had a blast.


I am going to have some new playdates to add to the websites. Just need to confirm some things first.


Rejoice with me in the knowledge of how wonderful our Lord is. He blesses us in so many ways everyday. Remember, our God is a God of love and courage. He does not want us to fear anything. If you have fear in your life, that does not come from the Lord. Trust in Him always and fear nothing.


Be Cool,


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Saturday, August 26th 2006

7:40 PM

Good Show Last Night

Hey Folks,


We had a pretty good show last night at Broad Acres Baptist Church. It was a “fifth quarter” after the Airport-B.C. game. Unfortunately, the game had to postponed. It seems the stadium lights would not come on. So they called it off.


There were probably thirty kids or so there. They seemed to enjoy it. I know we did. We did have some technical difficulties though. We really need some new gear. I know the Lord will deliver in his time. Until then, we just keep doing what we are doing and having fun.

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Sunday, August 13th 2006

9:32 PM

Lenny got baptized today (twice)

Hey folks,

It has been a pretty good day today. We had a really good church service this morning. Brian is continuing his series on the book of James. Really good stuff. Afterwards we had a really good Sunday lunch at home. Then the band had a good practice. This evening my family and I went to church with Lenny to see him get baptized. (cool) He fell in the baptismal pool as he was climbing in, so he got dunked twice! He needed a priming and a second coat.

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Saturday, August 12th 2006

12:58 PM

First Entry

Hey Folks,

Fred here, and this is my first entry in this new blog. I guess I've got the new site in fairly good shape. Please check back often, as I update often.

I took the family to the Pelion Peanut Party last night. Lenny (our drummer) and his wife Carla and their little girl Cameron came with. I wanted to see "Anybody's Guess". I played with that band for years. The only original member is Davie, the bass player. He and I have been friends for about 25 years. It was great to see and hear them, they are really good. It's always good to see Davie. He came out and saw All Will Be Won at the Bethcar Baptist "Back to School Bash". I also got to see Frank (the best sound man is SC). He's always a trip! He told me that he is now a youth minister at his church. I hope to put some kind of youth event together with him in the near future. I love my old buddies! I love my new buddies too. I'm sorry that the rest of the guys in the band couldn't join us. Maybe next time guys.

I'll check in with you folks later.

Peace & Love,



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